Sustainability, with its three pillars, defines how we do our business and is integrated into our culture. Our projects always designed to meet the highest sustainability standards in its class and focus on;

    1- Environmental Sustainability; to maintain rates of renewable sources,
    2- Economic Sustainability; to support our defined level of economic production in the locality as well as wider community, and
    3- Social Sustainability; to ensure social well being indefinitely.

Whether its extensive landscaping or green/brown roofs to not only enhance biodiversity but also help attenuate run-off water to reduce risk of flooding or technologies to reduce water and energy consumption or extensive material recycling pre or during delivery, our projects always consider all possible revenues.

With our Advanced Procurement Process, we work with our consultants and suppliers to create as many local employment opportunities as possible.

Where our projects are sufficiently large enough to sustain new start ups, we always create an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to start a new business and become our supplier.Whereas on our smaller projects, we always procure locally.

“Sustainability is integrated into our culture and decision making as well as commerciality and health and safety to underpin delivery of our vision.”