We have an unprecedented expertise in setting up project governance and control processes, predominantly based on our unique Risk and Opportunity Management Model, to identify potential issues early in the project, develop management strategies as part of our Project Execution Plan, extract key information throughout the project implementation period and mitigate issues before they arise.

However, despite our expertise there may be situations where unforeseen issues arise and start impacting on the project. Our established state of the art Project Governance Tools focus on extracting the relevant and accurate project data in a timely manner, which are continuously compared with the baseline, to identify any unexpected changes. We then calculate the impact of the changes in quantitative terms to help our people and the stakeholders to understand and assess the implications before taking, where necessary, the most appropriate actions.

“Risk and Opportunity awareness is embedded into our culture, and with an exceptional Risk and Opportunity Management Model, we proactively identify and manage risks, converting them into opportunities in most cases.”