We have an extensive external supply chain and are committed to engaging and managing subcontractors and suppliers in a way that drives continuous improvement throughout. We call this ‘Performance Led Procurement’ and itis achieved through implementation ofcollaborative Supply Chain Accreditation standard designed to provide an effective solution for managing supply chain risks across many areas including safety, sustainability, CSR, qualityand financial.

Every contractor we work with is subject to regular performance reviews, covering all aspects of their delivery in service. Their performance scores are entered directly into our in-house web-based Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) database, demonstrating consistent year-on-year improvement in supply chain performance.

Our Advanced Procurement Process delivers breakthrough savings by incentivising the best suppliers to innovate. The two stage assessment process, with transformation of bids for non-price factors, taking into account variables such as life cycle costs, contractor and supplier capabilities, and value engineered solution variables, demonstrated to our partners that the best value is achieved through capability based engineered package bids rather than selecting the lowest price. The process is inversely different to existing ‘traditional’ reverse auction processes being utilised in the marketplace. Our process successfully thrives on complex projects.

“Our expertise is in building an expert, internal or external, teams fully integrated and aligned, through appropriate terms and compelling vision, to deliver project objectives.”