We make sure that the benefits of our projects stretch beyond the physical structures and contribute to the community in as many ways as possible. We primarily focus on creating opportunities for local businesses and individuals, minimising impact of our projects to the local community, maximising community buildings and infrastructure such as childcare, healthcare, schools, place of worship, allotments and involving the local community and their views in our decisions.

During the design and early development phases of our projects, members of the local community are invited to consultations which include discussions around the design of public areas and play spaces, buildings, management of construction impact on the environment and community, jobs and training opportunities, as well as access and the provision of community facilities. This level of consultation keeps local residents informed of the progress across our developments as well as responding to their enquiries and needs.

Helpline and community websites are established to inform progress but also to register and respond to any concern or complaint. Quarterly newsletters are circulated, followed by annual resident open days and tours, which sees local residents invited onto our sites to meet senior members of our team and see the progress.

Fundamental to our approach is providing access to opportunities and removal of any barriers to participation. We do this by making contracts visible and accessible by targeted interventions with the supply chain including meet the buyer events, web sourcing portal, research and contact with diverse suppliers and local business workshops.

“We are committed to building places that will:

  • Be socially inclusive, with a range of facilities for everyone,
  • Create opportunities to increase and retain wealth in the local area,
  • Provide homes for a wide cross-section of people,
  • Bring benefits and opportunities for the wider area,
  • Complement and enhance neighboring communities, and
  • Create opportunities for jobs and businesses.”