Building technology is becoming increasingly complex. To maximise opportunities, we continuously pursue design efficiency and quality through tremendous experience, processes and knowledge.

One of many reasons our partners consistently choose us is that our expertise in Design Management always delivers innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions to complex issues. We do this by interrogating and leading the design development rigorously to achieve not only great design solutions but also reduce the capital and operational costs.

Our appreciation of environmental aspects such as local resources, site geology and topography, sun and wind paths helps us develop innovative building fabric solutions. We also use sophisticated environmental modelling processes to develop integrated and sustainable water and sewage networks, rainwater collection and storage facilities and to develop site-based energy solutions including CCHP plants, waste to energy solutions, photovoltaic and solar hot water systems and underground cooling solutions.

Our expert knowledge in Modern Construction Methods helps us increase construction efficiency, with not only programme savings but also reduced preliminaries, site waste and labour costs.

“Our buildings are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are also engineered to meet the changing and demanding requirements of occupants for life.”