Urban environments are becoming increasingly complex with issues such as changes to household makeup, land scarcity, air quality and noise requiring innovative solutions. Our technical understanding of all layers of the social, economical and environmental aspects of the built environment allows our masterplans to redefine urban living, place making and working practices.

Through comprehensive and flexible economics and planning skills, we are uniquely positioned to create the best places for the 21st century. Our masterplan proposals are built not only on insight into the way places influence wellbeing and lifestyle but also technical understanding of interconnected systems such as transport, energy, waste and information.

We approach each project with the view to create a new destination. We analyse existing features, historical links, community values and bring our research into our strategy to create distinct precincts and a “sense of place”. We establish open space links, bring human behaviour into our thinking and create urban features for people to relate and enjoy.

We identify emerging life styles, needs and expectations from the built form and enhance the outcomes of our schemes can offer. In this way our projects provide occupants with a new way of habitation and our investors with a great economical value.

“The projects we are involved with represent some of the world’s largest and most exciting residential and mix use development opportunities.”